Milan, it’s a big city (Milàn l’è on gran Milàn)

Until last dicember our home was in Milan, near Piola station. Last week we came back in Milan for “Fa’ la cosa giusta” fair and in this long weekend we saw many place: Gae Aulenti’s square, Unicredit’s skyscraper, Porta Venezia.

This places were our quotidianity, every day. The quotidianity is a strange thing! Every day we do something without thinking about it. But when everything changes, we understand many things.

Milan is a big city. Milan is a city where nothing is donated but there are many opportunities. Everybody runs and nobody thinks to other people. No smiles, no thank you. But something of Milan will be in my heart:

The old wooden tram, the spiers of the “Duomo”, the museum of the Novecento, the Cenacolo of Leonardo, walking in the snow with the fear of falling, the Navigli before the mosquitoes, the “Ringhiera” houses.

Many thanks Milano for the way we walked together.

Unicredit's skyscraper
Unicredit’s skyscraper
Gae Auleti’s square


Piola station
Piola station


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